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As the souls of our ancestors hover near

Between the smoky haze of these mountains, these spruce, and my long dark hair

I hold tight to hope and draw my thistle arrow to focus my fear

With deerskin on my back, and my soft tread through treacherous lairs

The scouts of the sky, as Raven and Owl fly

The scouts of the rock, where Wolf and Fox trot

Guide me to safety

Make me brave

As my black banded eyes mark me warrior

And white man's greed manifests as blood's courier

Prayer of the Cherokee Maiden Warrior

Cherokee Voices A Spoken Soundtrack by the Trail of Tears Women (March 2018)


This is not just spoken word. 
This is a whole new genre whose poetry is filled with rich, sumptuous imagery and delivered with great conviction.
Janice is an extraordinary artist who will garner not only popularity,
but acclaim."

~ Gurujas Khalsa, Grammy winner for Best New Age Album (2017) 

Janice Kephart is a prolific and respected soft-spoken music artist and owner of the recording label Trip Poetry. All her work is written and performed by Kephart, as well as the designs for cover art, lyric booklets and CDs. Since she began making music in 2007, Kephart has over 60 published tracks available in the commercial market including six albums, four singles and appearances on collaboration records, including one prominent feature on a United Nations international spoken word album featuring Dan Ackroyd. Her poetry has been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Poetry Award.


Kephart's collaborators include Grammy winners and nominees such as Ricky Kej, Ken Eros, Kevin Mackey and Gavin Lurssen, platinum UK songwriter Jake Hook, award winning guitarist Buddy Speir and internationally renowned Native American flutist Alexandro Querevalú. Her poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Poetry Award, and three times she has been listed on the initial Grammy ballot in spoken word. 

As a proud mother of three, Janice raised her family as a single mother. She is a Duke University and Villanova Law graduate who was dubbed one of the most influential Duke graduates of her decade for her work as counsel to the 9/11 Commission. Her first love is as a professional artist, yet her commitment to a secure America and her family remains intact.



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Recording Academy 



Trip Poetry, LLC (owner)

Collaborating Artists of Note


Ken Eros

Jake Hook

Ricky Kej

Gavin Lurssen

Kevin Mackey

Alexandro Querevalú 

Buddy Speir




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